Do you serve anything else other than beer?

As far as alcoholic beverages go, we only serve beer at the moment. We do have JONES soda and St. Pellegrino beverages, but for now we have lots of delicious beers on tap that will always be rotating. We will be making cider in 2019, but will definitely announce when that will happen.


We have two delicious snack options in our menu right now.
Delicious salted and buttered pretzels from Zwick’s Pretzels served with some delicious Honey Cider Mustard from Mwely’s.
Warm meat Sticks from Range Road Meats served with Dijon Mustard. Usually a portion of these bad boys is good for 2 people (depending on how hungry everyone is)

If you have any other suggestion of snack you would like to see in our taproom, drop us a line at

Can I Bring kids?

Ab-so-lutely! Most kids like hanging out upstairs where they can play some boardgames while their parents have some brews.

Can I bring dogs?

Yes! We love having everyone over. We will have bowl of water for your pups but for food it is BYOF.

Can I order in?

You bet. Since we don’t have an industrial kitchen, we are not able to cook meals at the taproom; however, anyone is able to order food in. Whether it is from Skip The Dish or Uber Eats - it doesn’t really matter!